Randomiser Generator


Player 3

The two random generators that can give you the winner of a contest. If you have a list and you want to select a winner, this randomiser app helps you.

You can extract the winner in two ways:

  1. By specifying the number of participants
  2. By specifying the name of the participants

Randomiser Number Generator

This online tool will generate a random number for you.

The randomiser app can generate numbers between a range. For example, you can specify the interval of players and select the winner of the contest.

Name Randomiser Generator

The name randomizer picker will extract the winner from a group of names.

First, you write all the names of the participants. After that, the website will choose the lucky winner.

This is the option if you have a small number of participants. Instead of specifying a number, this randomiser generator will choose from the actual names of the players. This way, the whole contest will be more familiar and friendly.